Maurizio Cattelan, a key figure in contemporary art, and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari have designed an incomparable capsule collection for Seletti, which is at once provocative, amusing, absurd, deviant ... The pieces of this collection are adorned with surrealist images taken by Toilet magazine Paper, founded in 2010 by the two Italian artists. Perfectly manicured cut fingers, crunchy soap, fish stuffed with precious stones, canary with a severed wing ... The dreamlike and dark models of Toilet Paper borrow from fashion, advertising, combining commercial photography, visual stories, twisted and surreal images . Toilet Paper questions our contemporary obsession with images by exploring our most unspeakable desires and impulses. The various pieces of the Toilet Paper collection are many evocative paintings, blends of disturbing normality and disturbing ambiguity, in front of which fear mixes with visual pleasure. A work of art as such, the Toilet Paper collection questions, through its accessibility of its price and its wide distribution, the nature and limits of the contemporary art market. A question that has always been at the heart of Maurizio Cattelan's work... Once this scented candle is completely consumed, the magnificent glass container can serve as a pen holder. You can keep all your little treasures in it.

In detail :

  • Variation : Snakes

  • Brand: Seletti

  • Designers: Maurizio Cattelan - Pierpaolo Ferrari

  • Product : Scented candle

  • Color : Transparent vase / candle holder with multicolored motifs and golden edges / White candle

  • Material : Vase in borosilicate glass - Candle in vegetable wax

  • Dimensions : Ø 8 x H 8.5cm
  • Weight : 0.4kg
  • Characteristics : Collection signed by the contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari
  • Country of Production : Italy