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by Lakrids

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Soft heart of licorice, white chocolate and passion fruit.

Born into a family of entrepreneurial spirits, Johan Bülow always knew he wanted to create something special. He has made licorice his passion and his work: with a lot of commitment and hours of work he learned his trade and, in 2007, he was ready to release his first product. In July 2007, Johan Bülow's first Lakrids store was opened in the Danish town of Svaneke. The idea was to cook and prepare the licorice in the shop, making sure it smelled within 100 meters… and it worked. Everything was sold out in two hours and the last customer even bought the taster bowl that was on the counter! Johan purchased a licorice processing machine and installed it in his new rented factory in the town of Taastrup to increase production and meet demand. This is where the soft liquorices 1, 2, 3 and 4 were born. Together with production manager Tage, Johan developed the idea in 2009 to coat the liquorice with chocolate. They were told it couldn't be done, but instead the most popular Choc Coated Liquorice A product soon saw the light of day!

The craftsmanship, the use of high quality ingredients, the absence of artificial colors and components have given a high added value to the Lakrids licorice. The watchword for Johan is innovation: every day new ingredients arrive at the company, coming from many parts of the world, which are tested to create different variants of licorice or perfect existing ones. The licorice used is among the finest, coming from plantations in Calabria and the Middle East.

Lakrids vision is to spread the love of licorice around the world: not just the sweet and savory kind, but the full spectrum of flavors that can be achieved by using licorice as a spice. Lakrids has licorices with truly particular textures, from hard to soft, from sweet to savoury, from chewy to crunchy and then the combination with milk, white or dark chocolate is truly sublime.

Lifestyle wants to contribute with Lakrids to make the world love licorice and invites you to taste it in various shapes and flavours!