Eva la mela del desiderio


XS SIZE -  Diameter: 24cm Height: 18cm
Desires deserve to be kept and protected until they can be realized and transformed into reality, and therefore William Zanotto gives a name and a shape to the container of our dreams: Eva, the apple of desire. EVA is an original moneybox, a brand new piece of furniture created for design lovers as well as a trendy object with a minimal style. The Monocolor Matt collection of ceramic apples has two different sizes for each of the twelve colours, which are updated and carefully selected by the designer every year.

Technical description

Single-color opaque apple-shaped piggy bank in ceramic decorated with cold-process colour. There are two holes on the product: one for coin entry on the top and one for extracting the contents on the bottom. Each piece is signed by the designer and produced entirely in Italy. The pieces are repeatable and mass-producible.

Product care

Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces in order not to damage the cold color that characterizes the products in this collection. Simply clean with a damp microfibre cloth.


Tin can and lid with steel ring filled with polyurethane foam which is in turn inserted in a cardboard box.