Lamzac L is an inflatable lounge bed for your garden or for the beach. Simply shake the inflatable bed to capture the air inside, close it by rolling it up and relax. Thanks to the ripstop nylon and waterproof coating, it becomes a sturdy bean bag that you can also use outside. If you secure your Lamzac L with the supplied pegs, it will not fly away

  • Inflates in 10 seconds.
  • Super resistant (Lamzac L 2.0: can support up to 200 kg - Lamzac L 3.0: 250 kg.).
  • Water repellent.
  • Includes case, set of four pegs (puntzac) and repair kit (placzak).
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • The Lamzac batch number can be found on a white label inside the case.
  • Lamzac L 2.0:

  • Material: High quality ripstop nylon.
  • Lamzac L 3.0:

  • Material: TPU ripstop polyester.
  • 15% lighter.
  • Made from durable fabric.
  • High resistance to UV rays.
  • 190 x 105 x 45cm.

  • 1.10kg.
  • Packaging: 38 x 22.5 x 9cm.
  • Product + packaging: 1.30 kg.