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by Kartell

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An elegant and contemporary style for this beautiful table lamp... The space was designed by designer Adam Tihany, inspired by the architecture of Seattle's famous "Space Needle". This gigantic tower, created especially for the 1962 World's Fair, has a platform that looks like a flying saucer and rises over 180 meters in height. The space therefore sports geometric and futuristic lines similar to this tower. It has a large rounded and striated structure, available in various metallic finishes: gold, copper, chrome and titanium. It narrows towards the top, before widening again with a magnificent transparent lampshade, dominating the whole in the image of the "Space Needle" overlooking the city of Seattle. In addition to its singular and unique design, Space can also boast of being a nomadic lamp: light and rechargeable with a simple plug. Very practical, it has an autonomy of 8 hours which allows you to move it easily, as needed. In addition, I will adapt both indoors and outdoors. Really modern, just touch the top of the lampshade to turn it on. It will offer a diffused light, ideal for a warm and relaxed atmosphere, wherever you are!
Characteristics : For indoors and outdoors - LED source: 1.6 W - 3.7 V - IP 54 - Lighting power: 1.2 W - Rechargeable lamp (with plug) - Burn time: 8h - Light diffused - It turns on by touching the upper part of the lampshade.