Piffany Copenhagen


The PIFFANY company based in COPENHAGEN designs and manufactures high quality indoor lamps. Its products are handmade using carefully selected materials.

The fully articulated ash wood body and the lampshade inspired by a vintage car headlight (ROLLS ROYCE, JAGUAR and VOLKSWAGEN) give this lamp a unique character.

You can put it in a relaxed position with your feet open on the table or happily dangling from the table itself or even serenely positioned on the edge of a shelf, the mobile and flexible joints give you different opportunities for adaptation.

The lighthouse is adjustable and, thanks to its joint, it will allow you to direct the light according to your needs of the moment.
Mr. Wattson lamp is made of high quality alloy and ash wood. The cover can withstand temperatures up to 200°C and the lampshade is adjustable to 120°.


Height : 18 - 40cm

Length : 27.60cm

Width : 15.50cm