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by Seletti

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Antiquity has never ceased to inspire contemporary artists... The Italian designer Marcantonio conceived the Memorabilia Museum collection like ancient marbles that have come down to us only partially. The artist Marcantonio appropriates the fragments of classical antiquity and makes them communicate with the present. These nine reproductions of parts of the human body are inspired by the works of the greatest Italian sculptors: Michelangelo, Bernini and Canova. An eye, a hand, a mouth, a nose, an ear, a foot, a penis: these fragments are presented as sculptures created with an extraordinary expressive force. Beyond its fragmentary form, the antique offers an unprecedented and almost surrealist representation of the human body, reduced to detail, freed from the classical canon of proportions. Devoid of its iconographic attributes, the fragment does not offer the ancient in its glory to the eye, but transmits as an obsessive trace of life. Perfect in its form, the fragment thus finds its autonomy, departs from the figure from which it comes, becoming a complete work of art itself. They are images that transcend the years and translate the eternal value of the work of art. Remembering a sculpture through the fragment also and above all means evoking its missing part. These separate body parts stimulate the imagination and invite us to recompose the universal, from which the fragment derives, to reform the complete work.

In detail :
  • Variation : Man hand / White

  • Brand: Seletti

  • Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

  • Product : Decoration

  • Color : Opaque white

  • Material : Porcelain

  • Dimensions : L 32.5cm x W. 15cm x H11cm
  • Weight : 3.5kg
  • Country of Production : China