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by Qeeboo

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The great designer Stefano Giovannoni he is known for his particular resourcefulness in researching and experimenting with new forms that can be used to create furnishing and design projects, capable of combining comfort with quality.

The Rabbit Chair is certainly one of his most famous creations, which takes its inspiration from the little animal symbol of love, fertility and sweetness.

This chair, in the large version, is recognized for its sympathy but above all for the extreme comfort guaranteed by the organic seat that originates precisely from the physiognomy of the small animal and from the original but effective backrest created using the large and rounded ears.

If your concern is what the Rabbit Chair it binds too much the environment in which it is located, don't worry! Absolutely do not run this danger because being available in different color variations, it will adapt to any situation, giving a playful and modern touch.

Finally, the Rabbit Chair it is made of polyethylene, this allows it to be a light chair, easy to transport and at the same time resistant to all forms of bad weather.

Line Rabbit Chair
Material Translucent Opaque Polyethylene PE
Length 39.5cms
Depth 68.80 cms
Height 80cms
Style Modern
Weight 5.5Kg
Dimensions Seat Height: 45cm