he Lakesidebox: Your forest lake for in between

The Relaxound Lakesidebox conjures up short moments of relaxation in your life. Soothing nature sounds take you gently to the shore of an idyllic forest lake: water splashes, birds chirp, ducks cackle, crickets chirp. You will immediately feel how your head and body relax intuitively.

Allow yourself a calming time out at the lake

You activate the natural sounds as you pass by; if no new impulse follows, they fade out after two minutes. Whether at home or in the office, in the bathroom or hallway, you can place your Lakeside Box anywhere or just hang it on the wall. The battery has energy for months and can be recharged quickly.

Exclusive front design

The calming forest lake motif relaxes the mind. The body in subtle white is the perfect complement.

Model: Relaxound Lakesidebox, model „Forest lake“

Sounds: splashing water, birds, ducks, crickets

sound length: 2 minutes

Activation: via motion sensor (reacts to changes in light)

Technology: rechargeable battery, USB cable included

materials: surface: birch wood, body: plastic

Dimensions: width 110 x height 118 x depth 28mm

Weight: 95 g