The Oceanbox: for all those who long for the ocean.

The natural sounds of the Oceanbox transport you to the beach. Listen to the sound of the waves and the cry of the seagulls and breathe it all. The sound of the Oceanbox allows you to intuitively relax and gives you a feeling of absolute freedom. Two sea sounds lasting 100 seconds provide variety.

Feel the inspiring power of the ocean.

A motion detector activates the sound of the Oceanbox as you pass by. The volume can be adjusted steplessly, and thanks to its compact size and convenient battery operation, you can enjoy the refreshing energy of the ocean wherever you are. In the bathroom or in the living room, at the desk or on the balcony: from now on your beach will always be just a few steps away.

Relaxed sounds and maritime design.

Just like the ocean and its soundscape, the design of the Oceanbox is magical too. Featuring a purist design, it features maritime accents. Deep blues and whites are the typical colors of the ocean and the shape is reminiscent of shells or ships. Our signature wave pattern makes you long for the ocean.

- Sounds: 100 seconds of ocean atmosphere.

- Activation: by motion sensor.

- Technology: Motion detector (reacts to changes in light), battery operated.

- Materials: Plastic.

- Dimensions: width 108 x height 115 x depth 50 mm.

- Weight: 253g.

- Ideal for: Bathroom, hallway, kitchen, office and more