Model Sport was introduced by Kaweco in the far 1935 , in celluloid with transparent section and piston filler, octagonal shape and very short.
Due to its small size, the Sport model was advertised for use by sportsmen and its practicality achieved considerable success.
The very long cap of the fountain pen, once inserted into the case back, means that the Sport has a "regular" length.
In 1981 the definitive bankruptcy of Kaweco took place and the brand was purchased by H&M Gutberlet Gmbh which took over the company to immediately put the modern version of the Sport model back on the market.

( October 2011 ) Kaweco AL Sport

The new AL Sport is completely made of solid aluminium.
There ballpoint pen with snap button, measures 10.4 cm.

There fountain pen uses Standard cartridges.
The closure of the cap is screw.
Medium tip steel nib.
Closed length is 10.4cm.
With cap inserted 13.2 cm.