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Pineider, after having revolutionized the world of writing thanks to Avatar UR, which has definitively solved the problem of accidental breakage, with a material that immediately recalls celluloid, is now proud to present the transparent version which uses a further evolved formula of the UltraResin material .

Transparency allows you to view not only the mechanism but also the ink inside and check its level.

We have introduced a simple "word gauge" in all pens that allows you to check the ink level and thus avoid running out of ink!

The ink level, or word gauge, is a fairly simple charge indicator to make in a converter, but it was complex to make rollerball and ballpoint refills in transparent plastic and gel ink equipped with ink level, so much so that they are unique in the world, another reason of exclusivity of the Pineider writing collection.

Colors: The demo collection consists of 4 colors: transparent, amber, wine red and sky blue. The first two are totally transparent while wine red and sky blue are semi-transparent.

GlueLess technology: The assembly of the pen is done with a new technology called GlueLess. Thanks to the 3D design and the very high precision throughout the production, the pen is assembled without the use of a single drop of glue. A technological puzzle. Each component fits on the other as in a Meccano.