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by Kartell

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  • New centerpiece containers inspired by the Apulian trulli.
  • What is special about them The inspiration comes from the architecture of the Apulian trulli, the colours, transparent and full of vitamins, recall delicious sorbets. These containers are perfect in full view in a very white kitchen, to create a holiday and chic atmosphere.
  • How they are made They are in colored and transparent plastic, with the structure that recalls the architecture of the trulli of Alberobello. The lid has an airtight seal.
  • Whose idea is it Fabio Novembre, an architect from Lecce who always draws inspiration from the places that surround him and reinterprets them with a poetic and visionary design. Of his trulli he says “"Very close to where I was born there is a village called Alberobello where all the houses have a conical roof like a wizard's hat. And these houses are a bit magical: ephemeral caskets for precarious lives, precious symbols of the carpe diem". Ephemeral and beautiful (but also practical) caskets just like its containers.
  • We like them because… They have geometric shapes and sorbet colors that make them simple and chic, but above all they have the same magic as the trulli of Alberobello: “little ephemeral caskets” as Fabio Novembre defined them that invite us to seize the moment and transform the domestic atmosphere in an architecture of small poetic suggestions.