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by Vluv

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Do you spend many hours sitting and tired of constant back pain?

Vluv reinvents static office chairs and transforms the old wellness ball into an "active" seat for work and study, you will say goodbye to pain and you will feel more toned and active!

Its spherical shape requires constant tension of the abdominal, lumbar and cervical muscles to maintain balance.

Without realizing it, you will assume an upright posture and perform a series of micro-movements that will lead to immediate benefits. This ergonomic ball strengthens the muscles, improves balance, flexibility, coordination and posture.

Despite its spherical shape the Vluv ball does not roll away, thanks to the integrated ring at the bottom of the ball.

The elegant line and the refined material make Vluv a real design object to enhance your rooms with style and practicality.

The heart of Vluv Leiv consists of a sphere made of anti-burst PVC while the cover, removable and washable at 30°, is made of high-density polyester canvas to ensure maximum comfort.

Its low weight and comfortable handle allow you to easily move your Vluv around the house or in your studio.

This 60-65cm version is perfect for people 155-180cm tall. Recommended for standard tables with a height of approx. 74 cm.

It can hold up to 120kg.

Certified as "Ergonomic Product" by the German institute IGR eV


Material: Tightly woven canvas style polyester fabric. Inner ball: Phthalate-free anti-burst PVC
Dimensions: Ø60-65
Weight: 1.5kg